Saturday, January 2, 2010

Etude Hizz-ouse!

Happy New Year lovelies!

Here is my first haul post for the year 2010. Bought these last week, way way back in 2009, haha.

As most of you have probably already heard, Etude House opened in Manila a couple of weeks ago. Like most girls in the area, I had been dying to go.


The store was smaller than I expected or seemed from the pics I've seen on the web, but it was so cute and totally the kind of style I go for. I also got a kick from being called a "Princess." Ha-ha.

This is my first time to purchase Etude House products, so I chose my items based on what struck my fancy.

Here is a pic of my Etude House mini-haul:

55 Kissful Tint Chou no. 3 (Strawberry)

This is a sheer baby pink lip gloss with a faint yummy scent. I've pics of this online before and have always wanted one in this shade. Perfect for "natural makeup" days.

Fresh Cherry Tint (Red)

This is a lip tint which has a creamy consistency but feels light on your lips. It gives you healthy and natural-looking color which is also long-lasting. It also has a very light and yummy scent. I love it! I wanna get the other shades, too.

I'm not good at making swatches but here's what the two lip stuff look like.

w/o flash
w/ flash
BB Magic Pact

The compact is pretty


BB Magic Pact is a pressed powder pact that gives good coverage. I was planning to get the Peach Pact because I've been hearing good things about it but when I got there, I had trouble choosing among three types: BB Magic Pact, Peach Pact and Secret Beam. Secret Beam had lots of shimmers which I liked and cost a bit less. In the end I went with BB magic pact because it was the one without talc.

Freebie: Code B Mini Curler

The store was offering various freebies depending on how much the customer spent: PHP 1000 gets you the mini-curler (which was the only freebie I wanted) PHP 2000 gets you a cat plushie (do not want), and PHP 3000 gets you a skincare trial kit (will wait for reviews).

I do have a teensy rant about my first EH experience. I asked one of the SA's about the Fresh Cherry tint because the peach shade was the only shade on display. She said that was the only shade left but after a couple of minutes, another SA brought out more red Fresh Cherry tints.

Oh well, I still had a good time. I'm probably not the only girl who feels this way, but I was missing Etude House and planning my next purchases the moment I stepped out of Etude House.Will buy skin care prods next, and I really wanted the display stuff such as the Romantic box and stand, but I'm saving it for when I move to my new home. ^^

What are your fave Etude House prods?


  1. Happy New Year, Jackie! *hugs*

    I wish Etude House would open up a store here! So jealous XD Your haul is soo cute!

  2. I have to agree with shop n' chomp. I really wish they would open an Etude House in Southern California! That would just be awesome! Your so lucky! :)

  3. @ Shopn'Chomp: Thanks Lisa! Don't lose hope. Maybe they will soon. Do you have Korean makeup stores there?

    @Denysia: Oh wow! Hope you could get it there. I bet your hauls would be amazing. ^^

  4. Happy New Year 2010..wish u all the happiness in the world.

    I also love Etude House stores, we now have thousands of their stands everywhere here, lol..that's weird..

    Lovely stuff u got hun, pls do some reviews on them.

  5. hi zoe! wow that's great. etude house is like a huge dollhouse. it's one of my happy places. ^^

  6. hi jackie! i just followed your blog :) im the 100th follower yey! :)

    i haven't been to etude but i really really want to go there!! i want to try the skin care line and i wanna buy the romantic box too :)

  7. hi Cha! thanks for being my 100th. yay for nice, even-numbered followers, lol.

    hope you get the chance to visit EH soon and that the stuff you want will be available. Haha.


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