Thursday, July 28, 2011

Giveaways from all over

Here's another batch of giveaways from the web you might be interested in joining. 
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From Ateenadj's Fashion and Beauty Blog:



Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adding to the Mix (a series of mini reviews)

Even though I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to bathing, I still like to try new stuff every now and then. It's always fun to discover/try new stuff and see if they could become a permanent part of my regimen.

A Bonne Spa Milk Salt Shower Formula

I've used the other type of A Bonne Salt Scrub before (the dry kind.) I loved how my skin felt when I used it: moisturized and soft and I loved the milky scent. It was great except for one thing: It hurt like a biotch. Since the shower formula is in suspension form, I'm hoping it'll be milder.
Belo Whitening Facial Wash

I bought a sachet of this before and I liked using it. Now, I wanna see the effects of long-term use. 

Caronia Renewing Foot Scrub
I always have tired achy feet at the end of the day. I really need to take care of them better. Hopefully, this will also take care of the dryness problem.

Careline Body Mist in Joy

I felt like changing my fragrance because I was getting tired of the ones I often use. I didn't feel like spending a lot though, because I'm expecting new stuff soon anyway. I like this scent very much. It's light and refreshing and at least doesn't have an overly familiar VS Garden/BBW inspired scent.

Nivea Express Hydration Lotion

Seen a lot of the blogs give this a thumbs up. I'm happy to say that I like the immediate effect of this and I can't wait to see what it can do after long-term usage.

Bought some nail polishes too.

Bobbie "Adored" from the Foil It Series

I don't usually go for wild, funky nail polishes but this caught my eye.  At the store, I thought this was copper/rust colored but in certain lights it looks pink, too. I really like it.

Caronia Regular Nail Polishes in Joy, Cashmere and Delicate.

I love neutral nail polishes, okay? They look similar in the picture, but Joy is more flesh-toned, while Delicate is more pink. As for Cashmere, I'm looking for a pale lilac polish. This isn't it, but it's still pretty. ^^

We're having bad weather now, so stay indoors if you can. If you do need to go out, be extra careful, loves. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Cheap Thrills

I went to 168 Mall with a friend last Saturday and I must say that I was very good on this trip- very restrained. Not my intention though, but I had really achy legs from exercising the night before and could hardly walk (I just sucked it up because my friend and I had planned this trip for weeks.)

Anyway, I didn't go home empty-handed:

Ever heard of Curlformers? I thought it was cute but -like most products featured on TV-Shopping channels- not really something I could take seriously.(Not to mention overpriced at PHP 2k++ on eBay) Anyway, this is a version of that product called "Magic Leverag" (No idea what it means)  and I got it for PHP 150.
The requisite Engrish info and instructions.

One box contains:
  • 18 pieces of the curl-formers (they look like colored wood shavings. cute ^^)
  • a stick used to thread the hair sections into the curl-formers
I have yet to try this. I'll let you know if it works. =)

I also got 3 nail decals for PHP 100.

vintage-looking w/ ivy design

pink polka dots and roses
dark background and roses

I also went thrift-shopping on Sunday. I didn't have much luck buying clothes or shoes but I found one bag I like.

It's big. The material PVC so it's easy to clean and perfect for this rainy season. Also, you probably already know that I like polka dots.

I bought other stuff too like toilettries and there are some new products I'm gonna try soon so stay tuned for that.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Cool Coral

For a lot of people, the Avon brand is synonymous with direct selling. One can't think of Avon without thinking of the "Avon Ladies." However, I got this from a dealer/distributor's store at a place near my home. They were on sale and I was able to get this for PHP 85 and the Super Shock mascara for PHP 150 (more on that in the future.)

According to Avon Philippines' Website:

Let your natural beauty shine through. Simply Pretty is a brand
that makes putting on makeup simple, easy and uncomplicated.
So you can always be pretty... naturally you.

In other words, Simply Pretty is Avon's makeup line for teens and those who go for a younger, fresher, more natural look. Their products are fuss-free and affordable- perfect for beginners and low-maintenance girls.


without flash
with flash

- Cheap at PHP 85 (on sale this is also cheap at its regular price)
- color payoff is good
- staying power is pretty impressive

- somewhat drying. make sure to apply lipbalm underneath
- taste and smell- not overpowering, but I can tell you that I'd be happier without it.

- This lipstick comes is a black-brown plastic case that with subtle glitters/shimmers which curves in towards the middle. I'm not crazy about the packaging. Ah well, it looks the way teen makeup is supposed to look.

- Although the color is buildable, personally, it's better to apply this lightly because it looks more coral then. If you put on too much, it becomes kind of orangey-red and a little mature.

Received these awards :
from Aimee of aMz's Blog

The Rules:
Link Back to the Person who tagged you
List your 10 Favorite Skincare/Beauty Products
Pass to 10 other Bloggers**
My Top Ten* :
1. Himalaya Herbals Neem Cleansing Foam
2.Human ♥ Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil
3. Eskinol Classic w/ Clindamycin Capsule
4. iWhite Aqua Vita Moisturizer
5. Nivea Sparking White Night Cream
6. Godiva Lip Balm
7.Johnson's Cooling Baby Powder
8. Kojic Acid Soap
9. Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub
10. Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit and Lemongrass Body Mist

*Current Top Ten: because of the weather, I'm more into baths and skincare. Makeup is pretty much useless to me at this point.

**I'm tagging everyone. Yes, I cheated. Everyone I know seems to have been tagged but I also really want to see everyone's Top Ten. =))

Thanks a lot guys!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cheap Thrill: Careline Vitamin E Lip Gloss and More Giveaways

When this blog went on hiatus, I had somewhat "quit the internet" as well. I was on lurker mode on the few places I still went to.

But but BUT! I am so glad I went back to GT just in time to read the raves for the Careline Vitamin E Lip Glosses. Otherwise, I would never have given these babies a second look.
L-R: Shade #'s 101, 102, 103, 104, 107, 109, 110
with flash

This comes in 12 shades. I started out with 2, and then each time I pass by a Robinson's Department Store, I couldn't help but get more until I ended up with the collection above. And the two more below.

L-R: 108, 111
with flash

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Two Cents: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Balm SPF 42++ and AMZ Giveaway

Here's something else I was able to get from the Etude House Grand sale a few weeks ago. I think that the Moistfull line is among the most popular from Etude House. Or maybe people just love saying the name.

Where to Buy: Etude House
Price: PHP 898 (less 20% when I got it)
Shelf Life: 12M

Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend Bits

As you probably already know. there were lots of sales going on all over the metro this past weekend. I didn't feel up to the challenge of enduring the traffic jams AND THEN elbowing my way through the feeding frenzy at the major commercial areas, so I chose to take the road less travelled.

I managed to pick up a few stuff nonetheless:

From Watson's

1. Marrionnaud Eyebrow brush and spoolie- Still on the eyebrow thing and getting sick of the dinky eyebrow brushes that usually come with eyebrow powders.

2. Watson's Brand Cotton Pads- if you're a big cotton pad user, I recommend getting this. It's PHP 46 for a pack of 150 pads + 60 pads free. When I checked, you only get about 100 pads from the leading brands for that price.

3. Cyleina Kojic Soap- I'd heard that Cyleina soaps were already available in Watson's but this was my first time to see them. Prolly cuz they're always OOS.

4. Nivea Sparkling White Night Cream- I have a friend who swears by this night cream. She has the nicest skin of anyone I know so I thought I'd give this a try.

5. Pond's White Beauty Nature Naturals Facial Wash- Never had much luck with the brand in the past, but it's just a sachet. How much can it hurt to try, right?

6. Purederm Foot Mask- Repurchased this many times already.
7. Electric toothbrush heads

From HBC

1. Body Recipe Calamansi Roll-On Deo
- heard good things about this and it's always OOS so I  wanted to try it for myself.

2. San-San Blush in 03- a yummy bright pink shade.

3. Hortaleza Professional Keratin Hot Oil Treatment- another repurchase

4. 2-Way Cake Refill in 02- Already hit pan on my current 2-Way Cake foundie. Will test this soon.

And from the department store.

Ever Bilena Mousse Blush in Scarlet- Heads Up! The entire EB mousse line is on sale at PHP 99/each item. I'm crazy about their mousse blushes. This is my fourth one already. It's just too bad that their foundies are all too ligh for me. Included a swatch in case anyone's interested.

Cherry Nail Polish- it's a beautiful burgundy color. I got this for a number of reasons: I liked its long brush handle and it's dirt cheap (PHP 15+) but mostly I got it for entertainment purposes.

Check out the color name. LOLWHUT. (I'm so immature)

I also found this:

e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit
- A personal triumph! Been looking for this for a really long time, but they always seemed to be OOS. I'm very happy with this but check back for the details.

Have a good week, luvs!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Two Cents: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

One major disappointment with the Grand Etude House Sale some time ago was that their eyebrow kit was OOS. Well, I was never one to walk away from a sale empty-handed so (with a heavy heart, lol) I got this instead.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil 05 (Gray)

PRICE: Approx PHP 120 (PHP 148 regularly, but I got mine at 20% off)

- the color. I love gray!
- cheap! and discounted on top of it!
- goes on light, but buildable. perfect for girls like me who put on their makeup with a somewhat heavy hand.
- I love the shape of the cartridge- perfect for shaping and tapering.
- the spoolie brush on the other end is nice too. =))
- refillable (less waste material, and great savings when you buy cartidges instead of a whole new pencil.)

- Kinda feels like I'm using a Bensia colored pencil on my brows (they still those still around or didIjustdatemyselfagaindarnit! ?)
- Vanishes without a trace in 1 or two hours on me. I think I need some kind of brow gel or primer for it to adhere to. I'll get back to you on that.

It is amazing how much well-groomed eyebrows can do for a woman. She could be wearing very minimal makeup but still look pretty and polished, thanks to them.

Until very recently, I couldn't be bothered with mine but now I'm really into eyebrows. I long for those full yet light, feathery drawn-on eyebrows I've been seeing lately.

Oh, and I need THESE in my life.

BTW, Blair now has 1043 followers and counting on her blog. She is celebrating with a giveaway. 

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Enjoy the weekend!