Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yoinked Gift Items

Hope everyone's Christmas rocked. I finished my Christmas shopping at literally the 11th hour. Haha. I was a mess.
Of course, I think I would have finished sooner if I hadn't been sneaking in my own stuff with the presents. Ha-ha.

Take-sies back-sies allowed.

Actually, these were things I was considering to give to certain people for Christmas but ended up keepin for myself. Ha-ha.

Neutrogena Wave

Included this in my Christmas shopping under false pretenses. I never planned to give it away. Been wanting to try the Neutrogena Wave cleanser for the longest time, but was holding out. I didn't want to seem too lazy to wash my face with my own two hands. Ha-ha.

The Face Shop Cushion Touch lip plumper in PP 401

I might review this in the future.

Sleep Mask

It was pink satin with the words "Sleeping Beauty" embroidered. How can I resist?

The Face Shop "Anti-Aging" Gift Set

The Face Shop gift sets are quite nice. They're "themed" so you can choose a person's gift based on the recipient's (or your own) main concern. This set comes with 7 sheet masks and a trial kit and what's cool about it is that you can mix and match the masks you'll get. The kit originally had 7 COQ10 masks but I took the opportunity to sample various masks which I'm curious about.

2 pcs Hyaluronic Acid- for ultimate skin hydration

2 pcs COQ10- for supple skin

2 pcs Ceramide- for greater skin hydration and elasticity

1 pc Collagen- for firm, hydrated skin.

LOL, at the lonesome collagen mask. I don't like uneven numbered things (OCD haha) but most beauty products already contain it, and I even drink it so I don't think my face will miss it.

Then again, COQ10's a pretty common ingredient, too. Oh well.

Flebeaute' Collagenic Trial Kit

Light Skin toner - 40 % improvement in skin texture
Firming emulsion- 75% improvement in skin firmness
Eye Contour Serum- 90% improvement in skin moisture level
Collagen 70 Cream- 64% improvement in skin resilience.

A 5-peso coin was used for size comparison. I haven't tried this as I'm on a different treatment right now. I'll give feedback when I do.

I have leftover gift items lying around, such as stocking stuffers and the like... dunno what to do with them now.

See you later! ^^

Sunday, December 27, 2009

10.1 inches of awesome

Did that sound dirty to you? Don't worry, it's not. hee-hee.

I was talking about this:

Acer eMachines emd250

Just sharing another Christmas present. I'm probably the laziest netizen in the world. You've probably noticed the sad lack of updates on this blog, right? I've even abandoned most of my social networking accounts because they were full of fail. It's because I can't be bothered to tote around a proper notebook or go to a desk when I'm not at work.

Came with (from the flyer):

- Intel Atom N270
- 1.6Hz/1.0 Gb DDR2 800 MHz
- 160 Gb SATA HD
- 10 in. screen/camera/wireless LAN
- 6-cell Li-ION battery

It's about an inch think and really lightweight: small, slim and really sexy. I used an Ipod Touch as a reference for size comparison. One of my sisters thought that this would be the solution to my problem. I hope so, too. I'm planning something like an online venture by next year, and this would really come in handy then.

Hopefully, this would also mean more comments, eh?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

One of my favorite things

I am a sucker for lucky charms. Maybe they work and maybe they don't, but with all of the stuff that's going on these days, I think it can't hurt to have a little extra good luck on our side.

I especially like the lucky cat that we can usually see in front of some shops because not only does it bring good luck, but it is freakin' cute. If I'm not mistaken, it's called a "Maneki Neko" in Japanese. There's a Chinese Version, too, which usually has a mechanical waving arm.

Here's something I got for Christmas:


I can has cheeseburger?

Yay for huggable lucky lolcats.

'tis the season

Merry Christmas

Grab a new Myspace Layout

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hey, how are ya?

Hi guys. Wow! I've been on hiatus for a really long time, and I can't promise to post more frequently at least until next year. *crosses fingers* But how has everyone been?

I can't believe it's already Christmas next week. Jeez, I've been so out of it. Everyone done with their Christmas shopping? Silly question, right? Us girls are never done when it comes to shopping.

Anyway, been playing with the beads to de-stress.

silver charm bracelet. I love the color combination of pink and black.

Crystal cluster bracelet w/ gold lock and findings. I like this color combination, too.

Another version of the crystal cluster bracelet. No lock this time, just a stretchy cord.

Pearl cluster bracelet. The speckled pearl beads look like candy.

Happy holidays!