Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yoinked Gift Items

Hope everyone's Christmas rocked. I finished my Christmas shopping at literally the 11th hour. Haha. I was a mess.
Of course, I think I would have finished sooner if I hadn't been sneaking in my own stuff with the presents. Ha-ha.

Take-sies back-sies allowed.

Actually, these were things I was considering to give to certain people for Christmas but ended up keepin for myself. Ha-ha.

Neutrogena Wave

Included this in my Christmas shopping under false pretenses. I never planned to give it away. Been wanting to try the Neutrogena Wave cleanser for the longest time, but was holding out. I didn't want to seem too lazy to wash my face with my own two hands. Ha-ha.

The Face Shop Cushion Touch lip plumper in PP 401

I might review this in the future.

Sleep Mask

It was pink satin with the words "Sleeping Beauty" embroidered. How can I resist?

The Face Shop "Anti-Aging" Gift Set

The Face Shop gift sets are quite nice. They're "themed" so you can choose a person's gift based on the recipient's (or your own) main concern. This set comes with 7 sheet masks and a trial kit and what's cool about it is that you can mix and match the masks you'll get. The kit originally had 7 COQ10 masks but I took the opportunity to sample various masks which I'm curious about.

2 pcs Hyaluronic Acid- for ultimate skin hydration

2 pcs COQ10- for supple skin

2 pcs Ceramide- for greater skin hydration and elasticity

1 pc Collagen- for firm, hydrated skin.

LOL, at the lonesome collagen mask. I don't like uneven numbered things (OCD haha) but most beauty products already contain it, and I even drink it so I don't think my face will miss it.

Then again, COQ10's a pretty common ingredient, too. Oh well.

Flebeaute' Collagenic Trial Kit

Light Skin toner - 40 % improvement in skin texture
Firming emulsion- 75% improvement in skin firmness
Eye Contour Serum- 90% improvement in skin moisture level
Collagen 70 Cream- 64% improvement in skin resilience.

A 5-peso coin was used for size comparison. I haven't tried this as I'm on a different treatment right now. I'll give feedback when I do.

I have leftover gift items lying around, such as stocking stuffers and the like... dunno what to do with them now.

See you later! ^^


  1. the sleeping mask is soooooo cute...♥

  2. Nice haul, I really love ur sleep mask and pls do review about Neutrogena Wave and The Face Shop Cushion Touch lip plumper, thanks^^

  3. "Take-sies back-sies allowed"...hahaha you're so cute! I do that sometimes too. ;) Love your haul and new blog look sweetie!

  4. jackie! happy new year my dear!

    please make a review about the neutrogena wave, well... if you have time ha =)

  5. Hi guys! Thanks for the comments!

    @ rhiian: thank you, sweetie!

    @ Zoe: Thank you. Ok, I'll review these products soon.

    @ Shopn'Chomp: Hi Lisa! Thank you. Haha, I can't help it sometimes.

    @ GirlwithGlasses: Hi Jing! Yes, I'll review the Neutrogena wave once I've used it a few times.

  6. Sigh. I wanted makeup but my sisters only got me a tire, coffee and two shirts. :P Oh wait, I gots cool towels too.

  7. i've always been curious about the Neutrogena Wave. since i can't afford the Clarisonic i'm get tempted to just buy this in place of it in hopes of temporarily satisfying my urge fo the Clarisonic haha :P not sure if it compares but it looks interesting :) nice haul girl! xx

  8. Sigh. I wanted makeup but my sisters only got me a tire, coffee and two shirts. :P Oh wait, I gots cool towels too.

  9. the sleeping mask is soooooo cute...♥


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