Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hey, how are ya?

Hi guys. Wow! I've been on hiatus for a really long time, and I can't promise to post more frequently at least until next year. *crosses fingers* But how has everyone been?

I can't believe it's already Christmas next week. Jeez, I've been so out of it. Everyone done with their Christmas shopping? Silly question, right? Us girls are never done when it comes to shopping.

Anyway, been playing with the beads to de-stress.

silver charm bracelet. I love the color combination of pink and black.

Crystal cluster bracelet w/ gold lock and findings. I like this color combination, too.

Another version of the crystal cluster bracelet. No lock this time, just a stretchy cord.

Pearl cluster bracelet. The speckled pearl beads look like candy.

Happy holidays!


  1. JACKIE! Where you been, girl?! Missed you! :(

    Wow, that is some seriously niiice looking bracelets. You are soo talented!!!

    Happy Holidays, love. :D

  2. they are all pretty !

    hey jackie! na miss kita!


  3. Jackie, these are perfect xhristmas gifts! Thanks for sharing em!

  4. @Shopn'Chomp: Hi Lisa! I missed you, too!

    Thanks for the compliment! Happy holidays!

    @Girl with Glasses: Hi Jing! I missed you, too! How are you din? Thanks, ha!

    @herroyalbleakness: Thank you! I was thinking of making some to give away for Christmas. ^^

  5. I think these are really pretty bracelets, well done Jackie^^

  6. did you make these? they are so pretty!

  7. nice bracelets girl! they all look adorable!


  8. @ Zoe: Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas!
    @ Janelle: Thank you! They're relly easy and fun to make!
    @ toothfairy: Thank you! ^^

  9. wow they are so beautiful!!! you got talent, i wish i can make such cute pieces!!

    the pink and black one is my favorite

    happy holidays to you too sweetie!

  10. Thank you Amy! Happy holidays !


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