Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Cheap Thrills

I went to 168 Mall with a friend last Saturday and I must say that I was very good on this trip- very restrained. Not my intention though, but I had really achy legs from exercising the night before and could hardly walk (I just sucked it up because my friend and I had planned this trip for weeks.)

Anyway, I didn't go home empty-handed:

Ever heard of Curlformers? I thought it was cute but -like most products featured on TV-Shopping channels- not really something I could take seriously.(Not to mention overpriced at PHP 2k++ on eBay) Anyway, this is a version of that product called "Magic Leverag" (No idea what it means)  and I got it for PHP 150.
The requisite Engrish info and instructions.

One box contains:
  • 18 pieces of the curl-formers (they look like colored wood shavings. cute ^^)
  • a stick used to thread the hair sections into the curl-formers
I have yet to try this. I'll let you know if it works. =)

I also got 3 nail decals for PHP 100.

vintage-looking w/ ivy design

pink polka dots and roses
dark background and roses

I also went thrift-shopping on Sunday. I didn't have much luck buying clothes or shoes but I found one bag I like.

It's big. The material PVC so it's easy to clean and perfect for this rainy season. Also, you probably already know that I like polka dots.

I bought other stuff too like toilettries and there are some new products I'm gonna try soon so stay tuned for that.

Have a great week!


  1. nicole_aint_perfectJuly 25, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    i love the roses on dark bg nail decals. so vintage!

  2. I like the curl formers you had. Hope you can make a tutorial on that. =)

  3. i like the nail decals.. so cuute!

  4. I love the nail decals with black bg (rose). Its super cute!! Those curl thingies are sure cheaper than the ones on tv. Hope they work! Let us know. :)

  5. Thank you catmare! There were loads of nail decals at the store but I was really drawn to the florals.

    I hope the curlers work because they're simple enough for even me. haha.

  6. Hi Missgennd. I'll get back to you on that. =))

  7. i want to try curlformers din sana kaya lang i have curly hair na
    just for the novelty of it...hahaha

    love water decals!

  8. Hi Thiamere! You're lucky to have naturally curly hair. I can't do a thing with mine so I hardly bother with it. If this works, I might look into other styling products as well. =))


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