Friday, July 8, 2011

My Two Cents: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Balm SPF 42++ and AMZ Giveaway

Here's something else I was able to get from the Etude House Grand sale a few weeks ago. I think that the Moistfull line is among the most popular from Etude House. Or maybe people just love saying the name.

Where to Buy: Etude House
Price: PHP 898 (less 20% when I got it)
Shelf Life: 12M

Anyhoo this is a bb cream + moisturizer in one that comes in a compact. I just wanna say that I love bb cream more than ever. To me, it's more than a fad. However, I hate using my fingers to apply it and using a foundation brush doesn't always work for me. I think that using a sponge is the best methohd for me. I love the idea of a bb cream in a compact.
The product looks pretty in the pan- like peppermint swirl candy. White part is moisturizer and dark part is bb cream and it's packaged in a compact I can only describe as newfangled: It's huge and bulky and has a nifty plastic compartment built in to store the sponge away from the product when not in use (for hygienic purposes)

The sponge also has entertainment value. The handle part is white but the part that goes into the balm is dark blue so that you can press the whole thing on the pan and come up with something like this:

You can stamp that on your face and it'll show up, too. Put one on each of the apples of your cheeks and you can cosplay as the puppet on those Saw movies. LOL. You'll notice, I don't have a perfect imprint on my sponge anymore. That's because I got overzealous one time and squished one side of my pan. Boo!

- it's pretty!
- Shade 02 (Natural Beige) suits my skintone.
- Slightly-dewy finish
- The scent- it used to be too strong when  I first opened it and made me dizzy but now I think it has faded a little so I like it. I also like scent of the other EH pact I got before which was the BB Magic pact.
- High SPF.
-No break-outs
- promises to be: anti-wrinkle, whitening

- kinda expensive for this brand and for a so-so bb cream.
- I don't see any major difference after about 2 weeks non-regular use
- takes a long time to set/be absorbed by the skin. In other words, skin does feel "moist-full" but not in a good way.
- as with most products with hig SPF, beware of major white cast on photos.
- tends to collect particles and is hard to clean

Will I Repurchase?
Probably not.

- I still like this product and I use it when I go out during the day because of the SPF. I wouldn't recommend it for touch-ups after the sun has gone down, though.
- Use this on ordinary days and stay away from impromptu photoshoots and paparazzi (lol)
- OC? spray your sponge and pan with sanitizer after use and wash your sponge often.


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Have a great weekend!  

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  1. Likes: It's pretty. Oo nga! I love the swirl on the pan on on the sponge.

  2. ah so it's for dry and colder climate countries talaga siguro. yeah, the moistful collagen is a line i steer clear from because i have oily to comibination skin. ehehehe i might break out lang dyan :P

  3. Interesting. BB Cream and moisturizer in pan :D

  4. Gellie Anne AbogadoJuly 9, 2011 at 2:02 AM

    i'm curious. bb cream goes compact? hehe. it looks like the covergirl with olay pressed powder. hehe.

    sponge is the most effective for me as well; but i think im gonna try a stippling brush. :)

    much love,

  5. great review dear! i have not looked into the moist collection because my skin is very oily. :/

  6. Wow, this is my first time seeing BB cream in a compact! Sorry you did not love it though. T_T

  7. interesting BB compact :D i didnt notice this before coz i dont look at the BB prods yet, i have not finished using my BB that i have =)
    anyway lovely review and thanks for posting xoxo

  8. This sounds nice. I've always been curious about their moistful line but I realized it's for dry skin yata. So I stay away from it, I'm afraid it might make my skin oilier.

  9. I have combi-oily skin and I read somewhere that moisturizing helps control oil production in the long-run so I was willing to give it a try.

  10. I love BB prods so I'm always on the lookout for stuff to try. =)

  11. yeah it's too bad. Would have solved my gripe about application, too

  12. i have combi-oily and dry skin so I thought it would help. LOL

  13. great idea. let me know how it turns out.

  14. my skin doesn't react to it naman pero yeah, better to stick with products suitable for our climate.

  15. i'd say it's the best thing about it. LOL

  16. yeah. i love the idea. i hope i find other prods like this w/c are more suitable for our climate and my skin type =)

  17. maybelline BB 1 color fits all is kinda light on me, im looking for a BB like maybelline that is natural looking and thin, long lasting, can u suggest any? :D

  18. I like The Face Shop Clean Face BB Cream. It's nice and runny and smells nice too. Starts out grey-looking though but evens out in a while.

  19. oh i will look into that ;D im also looking for kawaii perfume bottles like EH if u know any sis ha :D i dnt like EH perfumes so much kasi ^^

  20. i know Harajuku :D but i want something different coz they all look sinket lol i want something like anna sui guitar bottle or something like a coffin XD

  21. hehe I heart Etude house, everytime I go I'm like no.. not gonna spend any money... but then I do LOL

  22. haha yeah those are cute.

    wah. my mind's drawing a blank. i really like the heart shaped bottles of all the vera wang "Princess" variants. ooh and lolita lempicka. =))


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