Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lancome Juicy Tube Charms

Hi everyone! How's everyone doing? Been a while, right? I went on vacation a few weeks ago, and I just haven't had the chance to blog again since I got back.

Here's a short post just to get the ball rolling again. I have recently made my first ever blogsale purchase. It's been a long time since I bought anything online, but I think this was too sweet a deal to pass up. Here's what I got:

Lancome Juicy Tubes Juicy Charms Mini Trio

L-R: 1. Bewitching ruby - A delicate and shimmering pink gloss - Cherry flavour / 2. Crystal shine -A translucent gloss with festive sparkles - Raspberry flavour / 3. Hypnotic sapphire - A Lilac gloss with pale pink sparkles.- Grapefruit flavour.

Originally, these mini (7 ml) tubes are charms on a silver (toned?) bracelet. I looked online and it retails for about 20-45 dollars depending on where you look. I got all three glosses (brand new) sans the bracelet for PHP 200. (Less than 5 dollars)

Here's what you'll get if you buy the actual product and it comes in a box.

It's all good, though. Even though I've been been lemming for this for the longest time, I probably would never wear it like a bracelet. I'd feel silly.

I have absolutely no problem with using them as cellphone charms, though. I couldn't resist adding a little embellishment:

Bewitching Ruby + cellphone lariat + crystal heart + acrylic flower + peach pink pearl

Hypnotic Sapphire + cellphone lariat + crystal heart + blue enamel "J" + marbled blue and white acrylic star

Crystal Shine + cellphone lariat + crystal heart + silver-toned snowflake + milky white pearl

Thanks for looking!


  1. Aww those are too cute, and what an awesome deal! :)

  2. welcome back! and awww glosses are adorable!

  3. Hey hun, welcome back! =D Hope you had a fantabulous vacay! Omg, these are soo cute. I loved how you added the embellishments.

  4. @krissy: lol. i love them a lot.

    @amynaree: thank you. heehee. i really love glosses, too. ^^

    z@Shopn'Chomp: hi Lisa! Thanks! I couldn't resist adding stuff where I can.


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