Monday, May 30, 2011

GPOY: My First and Last Pair of Circle Lenses (for now)

Circle lenses are all the rage (especially among Asians) because they instantly make the eyes bigger. Also, wearers are given the option of changing their eye color from the color they've had all their lives into something extraordinary. They're cheap, too, at least, compared to cosmetic surgery.

These lenses are a staple in creating most looks for cosplay and popular styles and subcultures like gal/gyaru (Japanese) and ulzzang (Korean.) With the right makeup and outfit, the wearer could look like a living doll.

Personally, dolls are lovely but they creep me out. Fashion dolls are okay, I guess. I had Barbie dolls and such as a kid (I only played with them when I had friends who wanted to play with them over) and I wanted one of those Pullips for a while, but those lifelike BJD's give me nightmares.

But I digress. My point is, I would never have bought into the whole circle lens fad except for one thing. I have pretty okay eyesight for someone with the kind of daily activities that I do. I have never needed to wear glasses. The things is, I have a lazy eye. It's not so bad in person but itmakes me look kind of cross-eyed in photos. I'm embarrassed to take my pic because of it. I had the idea that circle lenses would make my eyes look even. (They did, I guess..)


I got the 14.8 mm Geo Super Angel Brown. I am aware of the risks that come with wearing these and I have taken necessary precaution. I bought them from a reputable online shop. I've seen them around for a while and have been selling these lenses long before the boom of fake/unbranded lenses in tiangges. They were also able to certify the authenticity of their lenses, which is why I chose to buy from them.  Also, I always make sure to clean and disinfect them properly after taking them off.

This entry's getting pretty long so I'll just list the rest of  my thoughts in bullets:

  • I like the way they look in pictures
  • Not so obvious (to some people)
  • Uncomfortable at first but I got used to it
  •  Not that easy to put on (for a noob like me)
  • looks unnatural
In conclusion:
  • I don't wear these everyday. Only on special occasions or when camwhoring, and never for too long.
  • I will probably buy another pair/other pairs but only if I can find a optical shop that carries prescription circle lenses
  • I will choose something less conspicuous- smaller in diameter (I'm not sure what the standard size is) and in my natural eye color (very black.) 
Also, in case anyone is curious, these are the mostly local, affordable and widely available products I used for my look:
- The Face Shop Clean Face BB Cream
- Fashion 21 Two-Way Powder Foundation with Tea Tree Oil no. 3
- Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Cheek

- San-San Gel Eye Liner in Brown
- Avon Super Shock Mascara
- GEO Circle Lens Super Angel 14.8 mm in Brown

- Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Skin

- Marionnaud Angled Blush Brush

Have a good week. Hugs!


  1. The circle lenses look very natural on you! I am planning to get one. :)

  2. hi jackie...just followed you! whoah! big do look like a doll with them on

  3. @JesRoque- Heehee Thanks! They're great for taking photos. Post pics of yourself when you get them.=))

    @louise- Umm, thanks? Not a scary doll, I hope. LOL. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. hi jackie...just followed you! whoah! big do look like a doll with them on


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