Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Mini Post for a Mini Haul

Good news: I made it to the Etude House Sale!

Bad news: The store had been practically picked clean when I got there. I was only able to get a few things.

L-R: Moistfull Collagen Balm with SPF 42++ in Shade #2 Natural Beige; Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner (Nude Shade) Eye Glow Pencil in Pink (for the waterline) and Drawing Eye Brow pencil in Gray.

On the bright side, I'm pretty happy with what I walked away with.

Got a freebie for spending 1K: It's a lady assassin's weapon!

J/K. It's an eyebrow knife (shaver)

Since I was in Megamall already, I checked out the Ellana stall and got the Perfect Blend Foundation in Cinnamon Latte.

It's a great match for my skin tone, which, according to the bottom of the container says Medium with Cool Undertones. Great! I more or less have an idea how to describe my coloring. It might be helpful when I'm buying makeup online.

Happy Midweek everybody!


  1. i love that your foundation is called cinnamon latté - sounds so yummy :)

  2. Great haul. Sad that the Etude House sale is over. Hope they'll have another sale soon. :)

  3. Great haul, i only bought 1 item from the sale. hihi

  4. I was like "A lady assassin's weapon? Whoa"...haha! I love freebies and that one is so cute *and* useful. Oh when will Etude House open up shop here? T_T I guess I will just dream by admiring other bloggers' (like you) haul posts...

    (Haha...thanks. No you don't sound like a creep. If I didn't get a pedi, I would've been like "Hell no!" :P)

  5. @ Janelle: Haha. Yeah, all their foundation shades have those kinds of yummy sounding names.

    @Catmare: I hope so too! And hopefully, I'll get there earlier. ^^

    @aringkingking: Oooh! What'd you get? Can't wait for you to post about it.

    @Shop n' Chomp: Haha, yeah Etude House is a fun place to shop in because of the cuteness factor. But products-wise, you're not missing out on much compared to all the great stuff you have access to over there. =))

    LOL! I swear "lady assassin's weapon" is the first thing I thought of when I saw the freebie. It looked like something out of a girly anime.

  6. awesome mini haul... will wait for the liner swatches..hehe

  7. the freebie is so cute! :3 please do swatches of the liners. =)

  8. Haha...I can do with or without ketchup but I don't understand why it would be tacky? :P It's quite yummy actually. ;)

  9. nice haul dear ;)
    can't wait for review...follow your blog

  10. @Hollie: Thanks! I'll try to put them up soon! =))

    @sugar sugar: Haha, I think so too. Stay tuned for the swatches.

    @Shop n Chomp: LOL! I agree. =))

    @ Nisa: Hi! Thanks for posting. I followed you right back. Thanks!

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  12. hahha! the lady assassin's weapon made me smile. :)) funny! : )

    wow looks like someone went shopping!:)

    i was able to buy their tear drop liner. i forgot the shade but it was rainbow white liquid. but i didnt like it that much after using it a couple of times..

    i wonder how the eye glow pencil in pink looks like when used. keep us posted! :)

  13. @TheGoodLolita: aww... too bad about their tear drop liner. i'm still getting the hang of using liquid eye stuff too. stay tuned to see the eye glow pencil in action. =))

    @Nina: LOL! Thanks!

  14. nice haul dear ;)
    can't wait for review...follow your blog

  15. the freebie is so cute! :3 please do swatches of the liners. =)

  16. hi gurl ;) i posted u on my blog roll
    i hope u can post me back :D


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