Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Two Cents: The Body Shop Wise Woman Softening Toner

 Toners are a thing of mystery to me. There are as many differing opinions about this type of product as there are types of this product out in the market. Some say that it's merely meant to be a final step to cleansing because it removes traces of soap from the skin. If that were the case, then it's not always necessary especially for those who use non-soap cleansers. Others say that it's meant for treating skin problems and is absolutely necessary and must be used every day and every night.

A friend gave me this trial size bottle of Wise Woman Softening Toner (long name is long) from The Body Shop. It's meant for mature skin (I think she was trying to tell me something.)

Just kidding. It's never too early to start using anti-aging products, anyway.

I haven't heard much about this product before I got it so I did some research online and here is what The Body Shop Website says about the product .

Product Info*:
(*from the website)

Pamper your skin with a lightweight, silky-gel formula that removes the last traces of make-up and grime, tightens pores and softens skin, while preparing it to better absorb moisturizers. Organic Community Trade chamomile water soothes and calms skin. Witch hazel, a natural astringent, helps to refresh skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness. Innovative regenerating complex of skin-enhancing red clover, wild yam, star flower oil and organic Community Trade soy oil stimulates natural cell renewal and helps to maintain collagen levels for renewed elasticity and suppleness.

Sounds good, right? I had to try it myself.

Where to Buy: The Body Shop branches everywhere
Price: PHP 95 for the 60 ml bottle.I'm not sure how much the full-sized one costs in the Philippines.
Shelf Life: 12 Months

- I love the serum-like (serous?) consistency of the product. Most products I've tried before are either watery (local brands) or like lotion or heavy cream (Asian brands.) Local toners usually contain alcohol and are used as astringent so they can be drying. Asian toners, on the other hand are just not suitable for our climate. It can also be economical because it's much easier to control how much product goes on our cotton pad/ball and a little can go a long way.

- Affordable! Yes, I got this for free. No, I don't have a habit of investigating the price of gifts I receive. My friend just didn't take the price sticker off.

- Effective! My skin definitely felt softer after the first use. I have been using this twice a day since I got it. It's not drying, and it doesn't cause breakouts.


- Slight "old lady perfume" smell. It reminds me of those magazines with pages of perfume samples. (BTW, are those still around? I haven't gotten any lately.)

- Some ingredients might turn some of you off the product. (See photo) This is not really news anymore when it comes to TBS products. 
- I think I've seen somewhere that this product is or will be discontinued.

Will I Buy Again?

If it's still around in the future, then yes. Also, I might still change my mind depending on the effects of prolonged use.

How about you lovelies? At what age did you start using anti-aging products and what are they? What's your favorite toner? Let's talk about it!

Disclaimer: "My Two Cents" posts are simplified reviews for products/services/etc. I've tried. I chose this title because I am a mere consumer offering her opinion. Unless stated otherwise, I have not received any compensation for these writings and the products I review are all bought with my own money.


  1. Sounds like a great product. =D I still haven't found a favorite toner for myself. Sad, right?

    (Aw, thanks. Haha...I love your reasoning. ;)

  2. Sounds like a great product. =D I still haven't found a favorite toner for myself. Sad, right?

    (Aw, thanks. Haha...I love your reasoning. ;)


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