Friday, November 18, 2011

Random TV Babble: VicTORious

Staying at home and watching TV for hours on end may seem boring and un-spectacular to most people but it's a real luxury for someone who never gets to do it. I am so looking forward to catching up on old favorites and discovering new obsessions. One show I recently got into is the Nick teen show VicTORious.

It's set in a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts and the main character is a girl named Tori Vega who is a new student there. Anyway, there's a lot of musical numbers and showcasing of talent in every episode, it's really fun to watch.

I started watching this show because I ran out of iCarly episodes to watch (another teen show on Nick- a longtime favorite because I love Miranda Cosgrove. Also, I don't think I'll ever get tired of teen shows no matter how old I get)

I will also admit that one of the main reasons I enjoy this show is a character names Beck Oliver (played by Avan Jogia.) Beck is an incredibly good-looking guy who sometimes speaks with an adorable English accent and looks uh-MAZING in a gingham shirt  like the cool ones available at Aeropostale .

In the show he has a girlfriend named Jade West who is kind of unpleasant and horrible but he loves her anyway and is faithful to her in spite of it all. He loves her even when she's at her worst, doesn't desert her even when she's in her moods and he doesn't go for other girls just because they might be easier to get along with. They are really sweet together in many scenes. I'm kinda too old to act like a giddy teenage girl and too young to act all cougar-y so I'm not gonna say that I have a crush on him, but if I could speak to my high school self or any high school girl, I'd say that Beck Oliver is the kind of guy to go for.

I'm not into the whole fandom thing but I know that there are some people who want Beck to get together with the main character who is much nicer than Jade. I'd be really disappointed if that happened. I might not like him as much then, because then he'll be just like every other boy, lol.

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