Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Quick New Year Tag For Everyone!

Hey sexy peeps! Hope you're all enjoying the holidays.The year's almost over, so I just wanna share this activity we did at work just before I left. I'm really glad I got to do it, because it really made me look at the past year in a completely different light and helped me be more enthusiastic for the coming year. Without this, I wouldn't have noticed any difference between this year and all the past years of my life. Hopefully, it'll have the same effect on all of you who wanna do it, too.

The Rules:
  1. Name 3 accomplishments/achievements/things you are grateful for in 2011.
  2. Name 3 goals for 2012

3 Accomplishments/Achievements in 2011:
  1. I received an award at my previous workplace.
  2. I started getting paid to write this year.
  3. I have let some new pets into my life and my heart. (I never thought I could again, since I lost Maddy.)

3 Goals for 2012:
  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  2. Visit a place I've never been.
  3.  Double my life savings.

Those were the answers I came up with at the spur of the moment, but since I've had time to think about it, I'd like to add to my goals. I am determined to enhance my skills and develop my career, so something like enrolling in a gmat prep course like the ones they're offering at Veritas Prep is definitely gonna make its way into the master list of resolutions for next year.

I can't wait to read all your lists. Let me know if you did by sharing the link, or in the comments section,

Happy New Year!

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