Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dashi Daisuke

Meet Dashi:

Our housekeeper brought this dog to our attention.She belonged to one of our housekeeper's neighbors. There was some trouble in the neighborhood involving a very small kid and a dog who just had puppies. Her owner's became worried that they might have the same kind of troubles so they were going to give her away. Not so bad, right? The problem is that the person they were planning to give her to wasn't planning on keeping her as a pet...some cultures in my country consider dog meat a delicacy. Let's leave it at that. Not judging anyone, exotic food is part of a lot of cultures, I guess.

Anyway, our housekeeper convinced her owners to bring her to our house instead. Since she's off the menu, we gave the people who brought her some money for a nice dinner, instead. I named her Dashi because it's sort of our tradition to name adopted pets after food. (We have two cats named Siopao and Ice Cream.) She felt at home the minute she got here. =))

The love of a pet is probably the purest kind there is. The biggest hero you can hope to meet in my country at the moment is a dog named Kabang. She saved her owner's daughters from being hit by a motorcycle and got horribly disfigured as a result.

As if that wasn't enough, all the attention on Kabang also helped reunite her owner and his mother after many, many years (decades, really.) I swear, I'm a mess everytime Kabang is on the news.

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  1. Your family has a very loving heart, Jackie. I love your post! Thank you for keeping Dashi and sparing her from soemthing she doesn't deserve.

    She is adorable.

    And I didn't know that part of Kabang's story! The owner and his mom were reunited pala via the news ---- WOW. Kabang is such a blessing to everyone!

  2. @herroyalbleakness: I'm a big fan of Kabang. I'm a big fan of Kabang's owners, too. They don't seem to have a lot but their hearts are so open to strays as well. They are extraordinary people and Kabang returned their love times a million =))


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