Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My First Picks at Lush

Trying Lush soaps for the first time ever. Stay tuned for reviews.

In case you're wondering, I got these two:

Demon in the Dark- dark mint and apple
Honey I Washed the Kids- honey and toffee

Summer has officially started in my country. Whatever, I'm gonna beat the heat no matter what! 

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  1. I wanted to try LUSH products for so long, but they're not available here in Phils. How much are those soaps?

  2. ^ meron Lush sa Manila :)

    I love Honey I Washed the Kids, this is my sister's favorite too. :) I like passing by a Lush store, it makes me feel like I just took a bath. Haha

  3. I love lush too.. :) try its raining men.. Pareho ng amoy ni honey I washed the kids.. :)
    Demon in the dark yan ba sis yung nakasale?

  4. I haven't tried anything from Lush yet but I'm so interested with the products. Pagpasok pa lang sa store nila ang bango na! :)

  5. @Hollie: Yup merong Lush sa Manila. You can buy when you visit, or baka may kakilala kang magma-Manila pwede ka pabili =)) PHP 245 per 100 grams both kinds pero 50% off yung Demon in the Dark now, so mga PHP 100+ lang.

  6. @Kristen: yup sobrang bango ng Lush stores. Medyo overpowering lang 'no? Nahirapan tuloy ako mamili ng soap, parang naghalo na amoy nilang lahat. =))

  7. @calin lin: uy thanks for the recommendation. Ililista ko yan lahat. Kelangan hinay-hinay para magamit lahat. haha

    Yup 50% off kasi on sale lahat Christmas themed products. Swerte nga kasi I love Christmas scents. =))

  8. @Gellie: That's true, kahit hindi pa nakikita yung pwesto nila alam na pag may Lush nearby. =))

  9. Sarap ng Honey I Washed The Kids! I love the smell it leaves in the shower.

    1. @Rae: I agree! Akala ko parang wala masyado smell pero when I return to the bathroom after a while meron pa rin. =))

  10. Lovely soaps! And summer is already there? SO jealous! (I'm freezing here at night) T_T

  11. aww. stay warm and snuggly, Lisa. =))


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