Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lanvin Marry Me

And we just met, too. This is one forward perfume. Ha-ha. 
Well, it may not be a diamond ring but Lanvin Marry Me is as romantic as fragrances go. It's girly and floral, but so light and fresh-smelling, getting an up close and personal whiff of the person wearing it won't make you nauseated.

Cute deco bottle shaped like a bow when viewed from the top.

I love perfume very much, especially if it comes in adorable packaging. I don't buy as many of them as I'd like, though. I get tired of fragrances rather quickly and I always feel guilty when the scent changes before I even finish half a bottle. There are some fragrances I go back to from time to time and this might become one of them in the future. It reminds me of one of my earliest favorites, Gap Dream. 

BTW, perfume-wise, if Lanvin Marry Me is "marriage material", then Gap Dream was my "high school sweetheart". So yeah, you can say I ended up marrying a more mature, designer version of my first love. All girls should be so lucky. LOL ^^

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