Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips

This entry has been on my drafts forever maybe because there are just no words to express my love for this product.

Initially, I only bought this because it was so darn cute, not to mention cheap at PHP 79, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn it's much, much more than that. I got the one in menthol because I always like mint flavors, unlike fruit that I kind of have to be in the mood for. 

Cracked, blistery lips were just something I'd learned to live with for years, now. My lips were chapped all year round, (Actually, during the first couple of weeks of usage and old skin was being sloughed off, I was kind of alarmed because the new skin- which is smoother and pinker- felt so strange to me.) 

FEELS so light and comfy, too. This is the only lip balm I've tried that does not feel heavy or waxy, It doesn't bother me at all and even if I put on a lot, I don't get tempted to wipe it off unlike others before it.

BTW, I think there is a line of Baby Lips balms that are tinted but this doesn't have any color so it goes great with any lip color. So who knows, I might actually finish a tube of lip balm this time.

THE GOOD (a recap)
  • Affordable @ PHP 79-
  • Available in most supermarkets, drugstores, department stores.
  • Cute, colorful packaging
  • Yummy flavors:   Anti-Oxidant Berry, Smoothing Cherry, Energizing Orange, and Relieving Menthol.
  • SPF 20- a must for summer!
  • Promises 8HR moisture.  I apply it before going to bed and I wake up with supple, healthy-looking lips
  • lipstick applies more evenly and looks better


There's really, nothing I don't like about this product, though I wish it could completely erase the discoloration on one part. I'm still looking for a product that could do that.

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  1. I also uses Maybelline too... here the link to my post about it.

    And i just tagged you here on this post... How you like it...

  2. I use baby lips everyday :) it's a great product!

  3. This lip balm is super raved about. I'll try this when I use up one of my lip balms. :D Parang gusto ko yung orange flavor kasi kakaiba for a lip balm, but I love minty ones too.

  4. Hi Jade! Yes your post on MNY Baby Lips convinced me to get one, too. =))

    I'll do the tag thing soon!

  5. I agree! It's great bang for our buck. =))

  6. Oo nga parang interesting yung orange. Pinaka-safe lang kasi for me yung mint. Pampa-cool din ngayong summer. =))

  7. i bought one too and its yummy :)) XD lolz

  8. no idea :)) but its light pink-light green packaging :">


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