Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nostalgiacat, Ho!

Note: When I started this blog, I meant to post about anything and everything that catches my fancy but latey, it seems like all my posts are bath/beauty related.  Blame my one-track mind. 

Anyway, here's something I am as deeply into as beauty products:  nostalgia. Hopefully related content will find their way to this blog on a regular basis from now on.

The rebooted Thundercats series premiered on Cartoon Network more than a week ago.  Thundercats was my all-time favorite cartoon growing up. I used to watch it over and over on video (beta, if you really must know) and if there's one thing I am ferociously protective about, it is my childhood memories.

I had no idea this was even in the works. I'd heard about plans for a movie a couple of years ago but nothing came of it. This, new series completely escaped my radar. So when my sister came to my room and was all "Hey I have the new Thundercats. Wanna watch?" I was taken aback,  threatened and resistant to the idea.  Eventually, I changed my mind and agreed to watch but completely ready to hate it. Boy, was I in for a surprise.


Better animation. 

That's a given, if you compare the technology we have now to what they had to work with back then.
Tygra, Cheetara and Lion-O in the reboot. Source here
They are definitely better-looking now than before. They also look more like cats and the main male characters at least don't look like they were pumped with steroids. Snarf is totally adorbz.


I like how they're trying to give all the main characters a proper introduction one by one instead of throwing them all together in the first scene and making the viewers draw their own conclusions.

Also,  hopefully this series won't have as many plotholes or hard -to-swallow elements as the original. We'll see,
Character development.

 Lion-O is the future lord who is uncertain of his abilities to lead his people. Tygra is his adopted brother who is by all accounts a better choice for leader except for- y'know- that whole being adopted thing. Wileycat and Wileykit are street urchins who use their cunning ways to survive. Mumm-ra is an ancient enemy and the mutants also have a long-standing beef with the Thunderans, which I expect will be explained further on future episodes.

Nostalgia factor is high.

Claudus, the lord of Thundera, is voiced by Larry Kenney: the original Lion-O. He even did the whole Thunder, thunder bit. Also, I got goosebumps when I thought that Mumm-ra recited his bit and was about to transform into Mumm-ra the Ever-Living (he didn't)


No theme song.

Honestly, how could they leave it out? This show had he most kickass theme song ever. We sang it ourselves during the action sequences and anytime the Sword of Omens was in the scene.

I got bored. 

The first couple of minutes really dragged on. I'm not sure about the precise moment when I got into it, but it was around the time Mumm-ra appeared (which was quite a bit later.) Also,  how could I get into the action sequences properly when there was no kickass theme song to get the adrenaline pumping.? 


Sometimes the characters seemed completely different from the ones I knew and loved as a child. Tygra being a jerk rejecting technology? Hah! He was the Lancer of the bunch- the unofficial leader/second-in-command and he built the Cat's Lair.  (He was my favorite male Thundercat because he was so smart and could turn invisible.)  Also, Snarf is now just a common pet/animal companion who doesn't talk.

I miss the hammy acting of the original series!

The new one got some big names as V.O. actors but they act like normal people.  It's not as much fun.

So, how does the new whippersnapping series compare to the good ol' classic (LOL, still biased,)?

I think this series is interesting enough and I'd love the see the whole thing unfold.  However,  it could never take the place of the original in my heart.

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