Monday, August 8, 2011

What do you wear to work?

One of my biggest concerns when Monday approaches is what I'm going to wear to work for the week. I have closets at home with clothes literally spilling out each time I open them and yet I never seem to have anything to wear.

Still, I'm luckier than others because my workplace is pretty relaxed when it comes to how the employees are dressed. Day in and day out, you'll see people making different fashion statements. It really is a sight to behold.

Of course,  a relaxed dress code presents a whole different set of problems.   Some people become sloppy, while others become burdened with yet another decision they have to make completely on their own.

Things were a lot easier when I went to school: I wore a uniform. I didn't always appreciate those when I had to wear them, but now that I'm over that part of my life, I kinda miss it.  There is something very appealing about wearing prescribed clothing.  It's designed specifically for the wearer's activities helps give you a professional vibe. After all, the time one wastes worrying about whether or not what he or she is wearing is okay could be time spent on more productive things.

What's more,   nowadays, uniforms are no longer limited to drab colors and solids. For example, if you take a look at this website  you'll see a wide range of colors and designs for scrubs. Who knew they came is paisley? Or florals? Or houndstooth?  The possibilities are endless!

What about you?  What do you wear to work?


  1. I agree... I prefer wearing uniforms when going to work (or school).
    Hindi halata pag replay... at pag di nalabhan, heheheh!

  2. Hi Abygail! I miss cute schoolgirl uniforms din. At saka, good for 1 week din yung uniform ko noon. (yung jsk lang naman, yung blouse napapalitan. hehe =))

  3. My office does not asks us to dress up in business attires but we should be in business casual, as they call it. I love to wear skirts and patterned pants. If I can do away with denim pants, I do. I also wear sleeveless tops over cardigans. I usually buy my clothes from Bayo. The clothes are feminine and can be mixed and matched easily. :)

  4. Hi MariaKristela!

    I like those suggestions. I don't like to show off a lot of skin and I hate looking sloppy. However, I don't like to look like I'm trying too hard, either. =))


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