Friday, August 5, 2011

OC Collection: SanSan Nail Polishes

Sometimes, if I really like a product and it's cheap enough, I try to get my hands on as many of its variants as I can.  (See Careline Lipgloss Post) Not all at once,  maybe 1 or two items per visit to the store. Gives me time to use the products first and prevents backlog.^^  Eventually the collection grows..SanSan Nail Polishes are no exception.

Where to Buy: HBC Stores Nationwide and on their website
Price:  PHP 37-  (Less than 1  USD) for a 12 ml bottle

Big 3 Free*.

It's cheap to begin with, but on top of that, HBC Stores are constantly on sale so I was able to score some bottles for PHP 30-34. Hey, a peso saved is a peso earned.
they have some really nice colors. from and the color payoff is great.
is mostly very good* . I like thinner polishes and these go on very smoothly

Shelf Life.  
These don't dry out quickly. It's normal for nail polishes to thicken upon exposure to air, but I bought my first bottle of SanSan polish more than a year ago and it's still good as new. On the packaging, expiry date is 3 years after manufacturing date.

are nice and easy to handle
The square bottle not only looks good, but is great for storing, too.


Inconsistent Formulation. 
I'm not sure if it's because I got some bad batches but some polishes go on more smoothly than pthers.

Moar shades plz.

Though it's Big 3 Free, I don't know you might still want to check the other ingredients in the list if there are other stuff you wish to avoid.

- Use a topcoat to make your polish last longer and to keep the colors vibrant.
- Some sistahs experience yellowing/discoloration of nail with prolonged use of these polishes,. As a general rule,  I change my polish every couple of days, but if you want to keep it longer, I suggest a base coat just to be sure.
- Products bought with my own money. This is not a paid/sponsored review.

I will feature these polishes one by one in their own NOTD the future when I have time. For now, here are some quick swatches.

left hand
right hand


I am having some problems with my blog. For instance, when I submit my link to some people for review. they say that the link redirects them to another site. Has anyone had this problem before? What should I do about it. I'd hate to have to move. Thanks in advance! 



  1. When you lined all the shades up, I realized Sansan has a great color collection. :D I only have a nude peach-brown that I forgot the name of and a deep blue-purple called Amethyst from this brand, but now I want to check out the green, blue and gray shades you featured in this post.

  2. i liked the MOAR shades hahah! i heard san san is good tho:))

  3. Hi Dee! Those are my faves. Yay!

  4. haha. i've been known to lolspeak to get my point across. =))

  5. I only have Arctic Green. San San and other HBC pdts are so affordable no? Sana these don't stain big time. Most local brands of nail polishes kasi na nagamit ko stain my nails big time :/

  6. I like those shades.. haven't tried anything from san san~i must check 'em out.
    btw, I'm on your blog list! thank you! appreciate it a lot. sweetie!

  7. I think I'll pass by HBC soon :p

  8. hi aya! ooh that's one I missed. I should go back to hbc soon. =))

    I'm thinking of what nail care stuff to buy for the staining problem. =))

  9. hi diana! yes I think they're very nice. I hope you find something you like. =))

    no problem. I always enjoy your posts. =))

  10. hi proud2bcurvy! yay! be sure to show us your haul. =))


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