Thursday, September 15, 2011

Minis and Samples Save the Day!

There are a zillion products out there I want to try. This wouldn't be a problem if 1) money grew on trees and 2) I used up everything I bought, because I really do hate letting stuff go to waste.

Unfortunately, I have ADD when it comes to prods. Unless it really wows, I won't have the attention span to finish a full-sized container of stuff. There are times when I obsess about products day in and day out- until I get them, then I forget about them completely.

My solution: think small. I like to get mini versions and samples of stuff I want to try just to get them out of my system. Or get the full-sized version next time.
I recommend this approach for choosing bb creams as well. I still haven't given up on these, but there are so many to choose from. They all sound so promising but like with other types of products, I know that only a handful would suit me.

Here's the latest batch of goodies I got:
Baviphat AC Therapy Sleeping Pack
Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream
TonyMoly Tony Tint

SAMPLES (by brand): 


2 pcs. 3D Skin Fix Foundation
Secret Pore Rich Balm
Dollish Veil Vita BB
2pcs 3D Skin Fix Makeup Base
Beyond the Solution BB Cream
Triple the Solution BB Cream


Super Secret BB
Gold Caviar BB
Mineral Magic BB
Control Skin BB


Choboyang BB Cream
Wrinkle Filler
Signature BB Cream

Hot Pink Super BB Cream 

Baviphat Mango Steam Scrub

The seller included this in my package as a freebie, which is great because it looks really interesting. So happy!

I know some people don't like the idea of having to buy samples when they should be free. I'm actually glad that some people have made these available without having to make HUGE purchases first. I'm really excited to try these one by one and give my feedback, Stay tuned!


King of 25,000 Megawatt Smile asked me to post a pic of NYX Pink Lyric on my lips. LOL, Sorry this was all I could come up with on short notice. (I used my netbook webcam) I'll try again when I'm fully made up.


  1. Lotsa samples mean lotsa reviews to look forward too! :)

  2. I love samples too. And I don't mind purchasing them for a cheap prize even if they're supposed to be free. :)

  3. Ey there! From which seller so you get these samples? :D

  4. @Pammy:Exactly! I'm hoping to find my HG bb cream in this batch, but if not, then there's lots more samples where these came from. =))

    @Helen: Me too! It definitely beats buying spendy full-sized prods for a few free samples. =))

    @Janinay: These are from BIGTOKYO on eBay.Check out their stuff. I highly recommend them.

  5. so many many samples!!!! can I have one?? haha :D where did you buy all this stuff! haha I'm jealous!

    Btw, followed your blog :)

  6. @onika-chan: thanks for following! Ifollowed back.

    lol, let's work something out sometime. ;)

    for the meantime, check out bigtokyo on eBay. =))

  7. nice post ;) i love love tony moly tint is my favorite! :D
    i like it rather than etude and might be benetint but im really tempted to purchase the high beam..i ran out from snail samples lolz now im using the caviar skinfood hmmm

  8. i want the nyx pink lyric na din! haha
    i love samples too, especially freebies! loove!

  9. @amz88: i love tony tint now, too. I wanna try snail cream, too. i'm eyeing the tonymoly one. =))

    @Diane: i love pink lyric so much. I think it'll look sooo pretty on you.

  10. wow! that's a lot! that lippie looks great on you.

  11. Pink Lyric looks gorgeous on you, hun! =D And I am with you on the samples. I love getting them to try stuff out before I buy!

  12. Testing out samples is such a cost effective way to find the right products for you! I'll be interested to hear what your thoughts are on the Lioele and Hanskin bbcreams =)

  13. @Hollie: Thanks so much. And congrats on having 300 (and counting followers!)

    @Shopn'Chomp: Thanks hun.I agree. It's better than getting stuck with a product you can't finish.

    @PopBlush: Thank you! Stay tuned.

  14. That's a smart idea.

    I hate it when I compulsively buy something and only end up using it like once or twice.
    Total waste of money, but this is a good way to solve that problem.


  15. @Dana: exactly! this is a good way to curb lemmings,too. =))

  16. the lippie looks gorgeous on your lips! :D and boy, do you have lots of samples hahaha! i tend to keep samples too and give them away to friends. :)

  17. Jackie, thank you for your prayers :) i appreciate it soooo much


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