Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mini eBay Haul

In this country, imported products cost way more than they should. Taxes, expenses and the like all figure in, so stuff like cosmetics, even drugstore brands cost 2, 3 or more times what they do where they come from.

That's not necessarily bad. We should be thankful that there are companies willing to bring great products to us. It's definitely cheaper than going overseas ourselves. It also gives our local products a fighting chance.

Anyway, while it's true that it costs a great deal for companies to bring products, to our country, it must cost a lot less for individuals to do so, because you can get a lot of the stuff available in stores for much cheaper online, particularly eBay. Let me show you what I got on my most recent transaction:

* Hairbrush with ceramic barrel- I had been looking for a ceramic hairbrush everywhere. I read somewhere that it's great for taming unruly hair with or without heat. This brush also claims to have natural boar hair bristles and ionic tourmaline, which fights frizziness.

* Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow Color and Set in Chocolate- A pencil and gel duo. our sisters on GT have been raving about the WnW brow kit and I wanted the Color My Brows gel from Etude House but it's always OOS. I'm hoping this will curb my lemming for both, at least for now.

* Cover Girl Eyeslicks in Midnight Metal (top) and Cover Girl Smoothers in Pink Ice (bottom) - both are gel eye color sticks but I'm not sure about the difference yet.

* Cover Girl Smoothers eyeliner in Slate

* Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes single eyeshadows in Sensual Sage (top), Cream (bottom left) and Fine Wink (bottom right.)- more single eyeshadows. Can't get enough of them.

* Cover Girl Eye Enhancers single eye shadow in Aubergine Queen- purple eye shadows are particularly irresistible

* Styli-Style Flat Lipliner pencil in Madison- I thought it was cute.

Watch out for reviews. Thanks for reading!


  1. Super nice haul! Gotta love eBay for making things possible. I'm looking forward to the reviews especially on the Styli-Style pencil b/c I haven't tried this brand yet. =D

  2. My sister and I love shopping at Ebay. We usually buy bags (XOXO, Nine West, Kenneth Cole are some of our favorite brands). We also use Ebay to sell our pre-loved clothes and bags. :)

  3. nice! :D I'm always curious and want to buy stuff in ebay :)

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  5. I love seeing haul posts! It's like I'm shoppin with you. Thanks for sharing. <3

  6. i'm curious about the styli style lipliner! does it come with its own sharpener? :)

  7. @Shop n Chomp: yay thanks! I'll review this soon. I have yet to try it.

    @MariaKristela: My sister sells her bags through eBay, too and I used to list items there, too. Been kinda busy but I really should get around to it. It's great for making a few extra bucks (for shopping!)=))

    @aMz: thanks! =))

    @Onika-chan: you should try it! it's a great place to really stretch our shopping budget. =))

    @Genn: I love haul posts, too. Wish all of us could go shopping together for realz. Haha.

    @sugar sugar: there's a special sharpener for SS flat pencils we can buy. I'll get one if I decide to get more flat pencils in the future. =))

    Thanks for the love, you guys.

  8. I've had that Styli-Style flat pencil before too, I agree that it is really cute~

  9. @PopBlush: agreed!
    @fashioneggplant: thanks! me too. =))

  10. nice haul...
    definitely waiting for your review on the WnW Ultimate Brow Color and Set. I was eyeing on that product when I bought some stuff at Meg's shop on ebay, but I changed my mind and didn't get it.

  11. i love ebay too!! nice finds hun!!

  12. @wickermoss: Thanks =))
    @Hollie: will post a review soon. I already got to try it.
    @Diane: Thanks! I always love your eBay hauls too. ))


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