Monday, October 3, 2011

First Christmas-y Post!

It's Halloween month! Traditionally for people in my country, it is really more of a sad/scary time than a fun/scary time. As I got older, remembering loved ones who are no longer in this world has become more meaningful to me, but when I was a kid, all the months ending in -ber were Christmas months.

This is not unusual in this country. In fact, you'll start to hear Christmas songs on the radio and see Christmas lights on the streets as early as September.

Whether foreign (spiced cider. candy canes, hot cocoa, sugar cookies) or local (puto bumbong, leche flan), I love most Christmas smells and flavors (except maybe fruitcake, but then who does LOL) Normally I have great Christmas spirit, but personally, September is always a hard month to get over. I needed something extra this year to really get into it. These scents, all from Bath and Body Works, usually did the job.

Shapeable Foaming Soap in Twisted Peppermint

Remember how much I love foam cleansers? This is a tightly packed, semi-solid mousse soap that smells like candy canes. And it leaves a minty sensation on the skin after washing. LOVE!

Pocketbacs in Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple

I'll admit, these overly popular anti-bacterial sanitizers didn't appeal for me before because I preferred 1) soap and water or 2) wipes when it came to keeping my hands clean and germ-free and I found the holders a little tacky, but I couldn't resist Christmass Pocketbacs, and they really are handy in a pinch.

So, what helps get your Christmas spirit on?


  1. omoh green and red xtmas appealing :D

    at dahil cute ka may awards ka ahaha

  2. I can feel the spirit of Christmas now :D

  3. Ohh. I love Christmas-y post. :D I have this cute holiday tea at home, parang cookie flavor and its smell and box reminds me of Christmas. So far, that's the only Christmas-y thing we have at home. Haha

  4. That sounds really yummy! I would love that!

  5. That's great! It's really never too early. =))

  6. thanks amz pero mas cute ka pa din hehe


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