Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion 21 Aqualicious Lipstick in Little Mermaid

The pink lippie obsession continues! 

The Aqualicious line of lippies from Fashion 21 is water-themed.. The box is a combination ofblue and white which makes me think of a landscape of a very cold region. The tube is also a very pretty blue. (similar to the packaging  of SanSan's regular cosmetics line)  and the shade names have aquatic elements to them like mermaid, starfish,  etc. It also promises extreme moisture.

I'd say Little Mermaid is salmon pink,  but feel free to correct me.  Anyway, it's a warm-toned pink and very pretty, and has a creamy,  opaque finish.

- creamy finish (not sheer at all!)
- non-drying
-super affordable at PHP 155

-range of colors is limited (a few pinks and reds but most are nudes and browns, kinda like EB Matte lippies)
- doesn't seem to be long-lasting (but don't take my word for it, maybe it's all the eating I do. haha)

- this shade is a bit off for my coloring, I usually have better luck with cooler pinks (not the lippie's fault, I bet it will look good on most people
- the nude shades look gorgeous, will get one soon.


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  1. Teacher Jackie, I also posted bout Aqualicious in Arctic Stone... it's a nude shade and it looks perfect paired with smokey eyes!

  2. it gives off a pretty pink! but ya that shade would be hard to wear I think, I have an NYX shade like that and I love it on me but it's just hard to match outfits with it!

  3. @Julie Lan: That's a really good point. Haha. I wouldn't know what outfit to wear with this, either.

  4. I checked your post! Wow it looks really good on you. Will try that someday. :))

  5. the ariel lipstick! it looks lovely nga! haven't tried this brand yet :(

  6. i love this little mermaid!! I have this one and the warm salmon one. it looks really nice and it moisturizes my lips. I'm wearing this all the time (:

  7. Ang cute naman ng pangalan ng lippy na to at mura pa.. icheck ko yan tomorrow sa may SM samen. Thanks for sharing!

  8. @ Lee Delos Santos: It's nice to hear that it's popular. I'm interested in warm Salmon, too. Thanks for the recommendation

  9. Baka lang you're planning to look in SM Taytay for this, wala yata Fashion 21 counter dun.

    Try Rob. Metro East or Galleria, yun ang sure ako na medyo malapit. =))


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