Thursday, October 20, 2011

First look at Snoe Products and All Glammed Up's October Sale

I am always happy to see local brands stepping up and I try to support them as much as I can. It's been over a week since I got these Snoe Products. I have used them a bunch of times already. It's too early for an in-depth review, but that doesn't mean I can't tell you what I think about it just yet.

First up:  Magic Apple Whitening S-rub

Instructions from the label. (Click to enlarge)

Basically, it's a scrub/exfoliant you can use on your face and body. It goes the extra mile to say there's no need to rinse.

- Cheap at PHP 170
-Leaves skin softer and smoother
- Instant whitening (temporary) and whitens permanently with prolonged use.
- nice apple scent
- minty cool sensation.
- uses natural ingredients
- no animal testing and no animal by-products

- messy application and removal
- takes time to rub off
- can leave skin feeling raw
- after a while, the smell of apple, mint, clay, etc. combined gets off-putting

- I really don't recommend not rinsing this product off. if you're not careful, residue will collect on crevices and you'll achieve a "libagin" effect.
- Always use sunblock after exfoliating.

Next: "Here Comes the Sunblock" Lotion

The key ingredient of this lotion is Bengkoang aka Singkamas. Singkamas is Mexican turnip, and in the Philippines, synonymous with fair skin (because of its flesh)

- liking the scent
- feels light and non-greasy
- SPF 45
-instant whitening
- Cheap for a sunblock with high SPF (PHP 199)

- nothing I can't live with.
Me gusta!

Have you tried Snoe Products? Share your thoughts!


BTW, just gonna leave this here, for the chance to avail of a huge discount:
Click on pic to start shopping!

There's still time, sexy peeps!

Kisses, Jackie


  1. nice :) thanks for sharing gurl ;)

  2. Wanna try this. Thanks for the review sis

  3. Sadly I have not as I don't think this brand is sold here. T_T The sunblock sounds awesome!

  4. Hi Lisa! =)) Yeah, it's a local product, but maybe they can open an online store or something, someday.

  5. No problem, Jade. Let me know what you think, too. =))

  6. this is the first time I've heard or seen this product. where to purchase this? I'd love to try more Philippine made products.

  7. Hollie, I chanced upon them at Robinson's Galleria. The SA mentioned a few places where they have stalls like MOA, and malls down south. Maybe they'll reach your area very soon. =))


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