Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Baviphat AC Therapy Sleeping Pack


This is a miniature version (6g) which was a part of my minis and samples purchase from eBay.

Baviphat is a Korean skincare and cosmetics brand famous for their "fruit miracle" series and infamous for their suspiciously familiar packaging designs. Some famous spokesmodels for the brand are Beyonce and Korean idol group F.T. Island.

Product Info (taken from seller)
An overnight mask  extract suppresses melanin formation and prevent hyper-pigmentation. Arbutin then hastens skin whitening for a fairer complexion with beautifully even skin tone. Uniformly apply mask on cleansed skin before going to bed. Wash off in the morning. Regular use of sleeping mask diminishes the appearance of dark spots and freckles.

How to use:
After basic skin care in the evening, apply evenly over face. Go to sleep without washing out. Lightly rinse with lukewarm water in the morning.

Use it as a substitute for cream at night. Apply an appropriate amount to face and neck. Then gently massage and tab until thoroughly absorbed. Rinse off in the next morning.

Suitable For:  All Skin Types

My review after the jump.

when opened. product is a light peach-colored, watery cream


-Affordable. Around PHP 70- for the mini and less than PHP 600  for the full-sized pot (100g)
-Economical.  6 grams goes a long way.I've been using this on a semi-regular basis since I got it and there's still quite a bit left on the pot. I already purchased back-ups, regardless.
- Consistency is light and not oily.
- has a pleasant, mild Apple scent
- Cute packaging. Comes in a red apple shaped pot. The mini is especially darling, not to mention handy.
- Effective as pimple treatment.  (I have breakouts when I'm PMS-ing and they usually last forever, not to mention painful but they dry up quickly when I use this. My sister also had one giant painful pimple before but when I told her to use this, she said the pimple stopped hurting,)
- My face has become significantly less oily. I can go out without makeup on now (I just don't want to, lol)


- not locally available (but it's very easy to find sellers online)
- does not prevent acne, I still get breakouts when I use this, it just dries out sooner.

I really like this sleeping pack, but if you're prone to breaking out or have dry skin, I recommend using this as a spot treatment instead. There's another sleeping pack from this brand I really like. Watch out for my review on that.

Disclaimer: Product bought with my own money. Not a paid review.


  1. yup! the sellers usually have several minis and sachets in stock. hope you'll like it.^^


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