Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Bag Family

I don't know what happened but I bought 3 bags that all look alike in a span of less than a month.

It all started with this peach Anya Satchel from Coconut Gold:

(smaller size)

I really wanted it but it was pre-order only. I knew myself well enough to know that I don't have the EQ for pre-ordering stuff but I wanted it badly enough so I placed the order. This is the Momma bag.

Then I saw this at Candy Bags (by The Fashion Factory)  in Tiendesitas:


I told myself that it's not the same thing. It's much smaller and harder. This is the baby bag.

Finally, while browsing eBay listing, I came across this big pink one from Therapie bags:

It was good as new, much much cheaper and offered free shipping (well, cheap shipping for addresses outside the Metro.) I couldn't help myself and got it, too. This is the Poppa bag.

Finally, the universe decided to intervene and right after paying for the Poppa bag. I got a text which said that my bag had arrived. That put an end to the madness. I made a decision not to buy any more bags for a while.

And so the Poppa bag, the Momma bag and the Baby bag lived happily ever after. THE END!

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  1. You can blame the overproduction of satchels this season :) But if you're happy with the bags and you can pair em with lotsa outfits, you couldn't be too sad about owning three! Right? *wink*

  2. wow, satchel overload... i have yet to get one but i want something a little more slouchy.

  3. hmmmm satchels galore! I don't even have I just noticed all three came from the same color

  4. Haha, more OC behavior on my part. :))

  5. that's my next goal. a mulberry style satchel haha, but maybe not for a while. :))

  6. I agree. I liked the colorful satchels when they first came out, but they seemed to trendy to spend too much money on. now I can indulge without spending too much.

  7. hahah i love the title.. i love satchels..
    you're my enabler for the pink satchel.. i so want to get the pink one =)))

  8. Martha Sta. BarbaraOctober 31, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    This really caught my attention:

    "Finally, the universe decided to intervene and right after paying for the Poppa bag"

    Indeed, the universe will never fail us if we have faith that can move mountains. :D

    Thank you for putting me in your blog roll. :) Have a happy long weekend! :D

    Martha (The Beauty Junkee)

  9. Wow! i love the bags.. so cute naman...

  10. I love satchels but it's expensive though. I love the second one so much


  11. go go go diane! they're really cute. =))

    haha enabler talaga.

  12. haha I agree, everything will fall into place when the time is right. =))

    don't mention it Martha. Your blog is great!

  13. Thanks Jade. Mura lang yan. hehehe.

  14. hi Jean! Thanks. These are not so expensive, though. Follow the links if you're interested. =))


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