Sunday, October 9, 2011

Facebook Page and Awards

As you guys can see on my sidebar, The Narcissus Project is now on Facebook. This is huge, because I didn't even use to have Facebook. (Well, I did, but I deleted it and it was ages ago, before the new interface) I just realized that I want to really connect with blogger friends and readers, and there are so many cool things to get into on Facebook and I was really missing out.

Please like, and if you feel like it, add the sad single liker there at the moment. I want to be friends with all of you and I promise not to stalk you. Also, please bear with me, if I kinda suck at facebooking. I'm still getting the hang of the new interface, and I barely got the old interface. (ME = noob4lyf)


Got these awards from Aimee (aMz Blog.)

The rules:

 -Share 7 things about yourself and link back to the person who passed you the award.

-Award 15 blogs and drop them a line about it.

7 Things about Jackie

♥ Even though I always say that I am a big Koreaboo, I know next-to-nothing about their pop culture. I just love their food, products, and of course, the beautiful country.

♥ I write with my left-hand but I do almost everything else with my right.

♥ I think UFC-style fighting is fun and would like to try it!

♥ I love old kung-fu/wuxia movies.

♥ I don't like any kind of hot beverage.

♥ I really love reading creepypasta

♥ I love singing and karaoke, but I'm way off-key when I sing. ^^

I'm passing these on to the following blogs: 

Hope you all can do this. If you already have, then it's okay. Just wanna let you know I want you to have it, too. ^^

I'll drop by all your blogs later to give the news. Right now, it's time to sleep and internet's acting up again, anyway.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Wow thanks for tagging me! :) I liked your FB page. ;)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I just posted this last night. Hihi will add your link to my post :)))

  3. Thanks for the tagged girl...

  4. Hi Jackie, Congrats with the awards! mmuaah!

  5. my sis zai is left handed and does everything lefty. my cuz is righty and lefty O_O i wish me too hehe
    i dont like hot drinks except for hot choco latte in a very cold evening :)

  6. I like hot choco too, but I still have to drink cold water after. It makes me even thirstier. :)

  7. Hi Jade! No problem. Nice to hear from you. =))

  8. Yay! Thanks. Off to read your post now. =))

  9. Thanks so much for liking Helen. =))

  10. Arianna Angeline RodriguezOctober 11, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    Love this. I would never try UFC, though. Haha!

  11. Thank you for the tag, Jackie!!!

    I'll work on a post on this soon!

    More power to your blog! <3

  12. Hi dear, thanks for tagging me here and for taking time to visit everyone's blogs despite your Internet's current condition. Thank you!:)

  13. thanks for the tag! i have pending awards to blog about too but i'll try to do this soon! thank you!

  14. Thanks for the tag babe! I love korean stuff too! Bibimbap, Kimchi,EH, Tony moly and their movies & series!

  15. not sure I couldgo through with it too. ^^

  16. it's not so bad. thanks I'm looking forward to your post =)

  17. hey laarni no problem. take your time. ^^

  18. love those too. the movies and dramas i know are way outdated though. haha

  19. I love Karaoke too~!! =) THank you for passing the award onto me sweetie!


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