Monday, August 10, 2009

Funny Convo

Me talking to a teenage Korean boy about Korean pop groups:

ME: Girl bands from Korea are becoming popular around the world these days. Do you like them, too?
KOREAN BOY: Not really. But I like some of their songs.
ME: They're all so pretty.
KB: Except for 2NE1
ME: (Blinks and thinks" Wha-?")
KB: (continues)2NE1's really ugly.
ME: (trying to be diplomatic.) Aw, don't say they're ugly. They just have a different image. They don't dress sexily like the others.* But that's what makes them unique.

(*note: as far as I know. because i've only seen some videos)

KB: A member of 2NE1 is ugly.
ME: Okay, which member do you think is ugly?
KB: (deadpan) CL
ME: (dies)

No offense to the fans. Peace, guys.

Personally, I "heart" androgynous-looking hotties. For instance:

Yoo Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan in 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Haruhi Fujioka of Ouran Host Club

Yaten Kou of Sailormoon
(I know... ancient, right? Ha-ha. ^^)

Back to the conversation. I was bent on making a gentleman out of that boy.

ME: She's not ugly. She just dresses differently, and I think it's cute! I bet you'd think she's really pretty if she fixed herself up and dressed in girly outfits. Okay?
KB: Okay.
ME: Right. So do you think you have to be good-looking to become a successful musical artist in Korea?
KB: Yes. Maybe. Unless you're really talented. Like CL.

I gave up. Boys will be boys.


  1. haha!
    lol at the 2ne1..

    poor them
    they got singled out

  2. haha! i feel bad for CL, but i couldn't help laughing at what the kid said.

  3. I am a BIG fangirl of 2ne1 love all of them so much^^

  4. I don't know much about Korean pop groups but that is a funny convo!

  5. @ Zoe: I love 2NE1 too! That's why I felt so bad for CL. Oh well. At least he thought she was talented. ^^

    @Shopn'Chomp: it's bad, but I couldn't help laughing. =)


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