Friday, August 21, 2009

More Cheap Thrills and Giveaways

Oh wow, so it's Friday again. ( I could have sworn it was only this morning that I was complaining about the long week ahead of me.) And it's a holiday for some of us in my part of the world, so hooray!.

On a personal note, the 21st of every month is really special to me, too.

Been meaning to post this:

More cheap thrills!

5 pc. Nichido Brush Set: PHP 188-
ELF Plumping Lip Glaze in Fire Coral PHP 124.75
ELF Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Mocha Swirl PHP 124.75
Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick in I'm Yours PHP 150-

(Local Products REPREZNT. Haha.)
* USD-PHP: 1 is to 50 (sometimes more, sometimes less)

My Thoughts:

The brush set is pretty. It comes with a face brush, an eyeshadow brush, a lip brush, a spoolie and a brush/comb. I like the wooden handles but the brushes are nothing spectacular. I like the envelope thingy it came in, though. I might use it for better brushes, but I'm keeping the spoolie and comb because I think those are pretty much the same everywhere.

If you've been here before, you probably already know about my love for this stuff. I can't shut up about it. I got the second lightest color this time, and it shows up better on my lips. (Pics to follow, maybe)

The Duo Eyeshadow Cream is very cute. It was a lot of trouble choosing just one, but I wanted to try it out first. I got Mocha Swirl because I like the colors but I really should have gotten Butter Pecan because it's got the lightest shade. I can't use this as base for a lot of my eyeshadows because the colors don't match. I like the colors of this on it's own, though you just need to set it with something.

I haven't formed an opinion on the EB Extreme Lipstick yet. When I swatched the tester, I got a very pretty frosted looking pink and some gold in certain lights. I don't get the same color from my tube, so I think I need to break it in or something (like shoes.) I think it's also too moist. When you use it so there's not much staying power. I fix this problem by applying something beforehand so that it would have something to grab onto. (Clear ELF Glaze to the rescue!). Another thing I don't like about it: the weird flavor. The ELF glaze helps with that, too.

Anyway, up until recently, my local product purchases have been shots in the dark. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I have found a forum with lots of interesting recommendations. So next time I buy something, I'd be making more informed choices (unlike a few days ago, when I bought a liquid eyeliner that could double as an ice-pick. Whole other story. ) Stay tuned!


Some new giveaways for all of us to join:

From Hello Denysia:

Hello Denysia's Giveaway

So the rules are as follow:
For one entry:
1. You have to be my follower on this blog! You don't have to have a blog to be able to take part in this giveaway. I will be checking to make sure.
2. You must comment on this entry, and let me know that you are following me! Simply state, "I'm following you!"
For extra entries:
3. If you post on your blog about my giveaway, make sure you comment again to let me know! And this will count as a second entry!

More details HERE.

Thank you Denysia. ^^


From Viva Woman

To celebrate Singapore 44th National Day, Viva Woman teamed up with several sponsors to give away a prize valued at 235 USD which includes handmade jewelry, organic goodies, a tool for facial hair removal and even colored contact lenses.

But don't take my word for it. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF

Thank you Viva Woman and sponsors!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. elf cost PHP 124 in the phil?!? girl, if shipping is cheap il just buy you some from here, only a dollar ( 48 pesos?) I wanted to try the ever bilena products... i remember hearing that noon nandyan pa ako sa pinas, pero di pa ako maarte noon. LOL. let me know what u think :)

  2. haha joanna. thanks for the offer. i was planning to order nga online, pero di pa naman ganun karami mga binabalak ko i-try.

    parang dollar store product ata diyan yun? haha 100% markup.

    yung ever bilena di nga maganda image niya nung student pa ako. ako naman mas maarte ako noon kesa ngayon haha.

  3. Wow, the EB lipstick's tube looks the same as Maybelline Extreme Moisture's packaging.

  4. Sis Golden: Pansin ko nga din. Hehe. Karamihan ng packaging ata ng EB may binabasehan na imported eh.

  5. Nice haul, I am always curious about elf products as I hear many good things about it^^
    THe pink lipstick looks really pretty~

  6. nice goodies am so curious about everbilena extreme that packaging is like maybelline no? :) have great day! :)

  7. @ zoe: elf has pretty nice goodies for the price. just not that many choices.

    @ louie: i thought so too when I saw it. a lot of their products are packaged in a similar way to more popular brands.

  8. oohh were those brushes on sale? I love getting back ups haha I think im going to look for those lol

  9. @Sush: haha. that's the regular price, i think. haha. like i said, not spectacular.

  10. sis, EB's extreme is like the cheaper version of Maybelline (even every shade has a counterpart)
    I LOVE "poppy love"... it looks great on almost everyone. my mom and her sisters all wear the same shade but they don't look the same on each of them. Problem is... it's staying power, hehe. you have to keep re-applying. :D

    ELF products are half the price abroad, kasi 1$ lang dun, dito almost 3$.

  11. nice goodies am so curious about everbilena extreme that packaging is like maybelline no? :) have great day! :)


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