Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cute Thrifted Shoes!

I got these sweet flats at forty percent off at a thrift store on my way home. I don't take very good photos but I swear they're good as new.

I love flat shoes. I practically live in them now. With this dainty pair, I can be comfy but still look polished. This one's especially comfy as it's made from a kind of velvety fabric.


  1. i love flats too!
    i can't wear stilettos for i think they are just made for strutting, not walking

  2. Hi sis! Thanks for commenting on my site and thanks for following my blog. We'll follow your blog too. ^_^

    Those red flats are really cute. Yan ang next target ko. Hehe. Flats naman susunod kung bibilhin pero sa ukay pa rin. Haha! OMG, it's becoming an addiction....

  3. Hello Jackie :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I followed you too! Yay, new friends!

    Ooh! I like your flats! I love how it has the bow in the sides! I should be wearing more flats, so I won't look like I have a broken leg, wearing high heels. Mwhahahha =]

  4. Yay for my first commenters!

    I wore these flats to work today. They were a big hit there, too.

    I can't wear overly killer shoes. A big frustration of mine.

  5. I love flat shoes ^_^. Baka meron ka tip san nabibili mga murang shoes hehe :)

  6. Ukay, sis. Kung gusto mo talaga makatipid. ^^


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