Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Enjoyed Watching Fanboys

It's 1998. Linus, a die-hard Star Wars fan, has four months to live. The Phantom Menace comes out in six.So his three best friends and fellow Star Wars fans decide to go on a cross-country road trip to infiltrate the Skywalker Ranch in order to steal a rough-cut of the film. On the way, they pick fights with Star Trek fans, get into all kinds of scrapes. Celebrity cameos abound.

I'm not a big sci-fi geek or anything but I like to know things about movies and popular culture, so this movie was really for me. I found parts of it sweet and touching. Also Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl, herself) is a kind of hero of mine. (lol, geddit?)

I really loved the Star Wars fans vs Star Trek fans parts They're like, the Noranians and Vilmanians of Nerd World. Ha-ha.

I wouldn't know which side I'd be on, though. I loved Star Wars as a kid, but the most recent movies were just tragic. *cough*And someone I hate looks like Yoda*cough*

I don't know that much about Star Trek, either. But I'm curious about the original series. Because it's Shatner! And I love everything I've ever seen Shatner do. And Shatner is awesome! And I haven't seen the latest movie, but I've heard good things.

So what about you? Star Wars or Star Trek?

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  2. i think i'm a star wars fan! :) hehehe! watched an ep of star trek and i was like.... huh?

  3. haha. yeah. i love star wars too. but the other side is... intriguing.


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