Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I fail at being a girl

According to THIS SITE simply because:
1. wala akong abs.
2. laging may extra rice. (di naman lagi. pag special occasion lang or pag masarap talaga pagkain.)
3. hindi vegetarian.
4. various addenda.

It's funny, but I'm still butthurt. I mean, I have always prided myself on being kikay. I love cutesy things. But lately, I've become really apathetic when it comes to my appearance. I used to be unable to go out makeup-free, but now I do.

And while I still do certain girly things, it is only to avoid other girlier activities.
- Had my hair rebonded coz I can't fix my hair, and rarely blowdry before going out.
- regularly get manis and pedis as i can't do my own nails. nevermind do nail art.
- get facials and the like coz I don't have the discipline to follow a skin care regimen.

I don't even take pictures very often anymore. I miss camwhoring.

I hope it's just a phase. I want to be thrilled by makeup again. I want to be delighted by cutest things again. I miss making an effort to be adorable.

I've been secretly following certain beauty blogs around here. There are so many amazing kikay girls who are just inspiring. One of these days, I am going to get the nerve up to actually talk to them.


  1. i always eat rice too..
    can't live without it!

    It's just a phase,hun..
    i was not into makeups before...i don't even know what a face primer is...
    i hope that one day we see your kikay side in the blogging world!

    madali ako magsawa..i just hope hindi ko pagsawaan ang

    have a nice day,girl!

  2. Hehe. Sana nga sis. Btw, you're one of those beauty bloggers. ^^


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